Google Ads (Pay Per Click)

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Improve online sales, generate high value leads and dominate your industry with our effective, data-driven Google Ad campaigns. We prioritise high converting keywords to maximise you Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). We’re official Google Partners and we pay attention to the detail. Speak to an expert today.

Google Ads (Pay Per Click)

As a performance driven agency, we focus on optimizing our client campaigns to provide the best ROI from your marketing budget. What is Paid Search & PPC? Paid search marketing is a cost effective and scalable form of web marketing designed to connect your ads with searchers actively seeking your services.

“Pay Per Click” Advertising is a way of driving traffic to your website using paid, relevant ads that display when search terms/keywords matching those that have been set up in your campaign are entered a search engine. Unlike SEO this has an instant impact and starts working the moment the campaign goes live. The campaigns are highly targeted for location and can be created to only show on certain days of the week and/or times of day to only show your ad during peak times so you get the most from your marketing spend.

Advertisers only pay a “cost per click” when their advert is clicked on and a visitor is taken to their website from that ad. There is no fee for the ad being shown (an impression), just when the ad is clicked. PPC is a generic term and can cover a wide variety of platforms and search engines in addition to just Google. Through the use of Google Analytics, the performance is highly measurable and offers great ROI. See our PPC Advertising Services below.

Dominate online and unlock your revenue potential with a customised Google Ad strategy. Choose Vendo Digital to maximise the results of your advertising today. Book your FREE consultation with an expert today.

Google PPC Experts

With over 10 years’ experience as a business running google ads, your spend really is safe in our hands. We promise to go above and beyond previous experiences you have had and ultimately drive the best return from your marketing spend. Whether it be targeting optimisation of Return on Ad spend or Cost Per Acquisition, we aim to align with your goals to help you achieve growth as quickly as possible. We want to work with ambitious growing companies who will grow alongside Vendo Digital and really strive to be the best. We feel mindset is important and at Vendo Digital we believe we can achieve any goal we set our mind to, we hope to work with you and help you achieve yours.

Not only are we experienced, we are competitively priced, stay up to date with google, provide a personal service, regularly catch up with Google to ensure we are utilising the latest and most efficient strategies for advertising on Google.

We are more than happy to look over your Google Ads Campaign and offer some advice and suggestions.