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In 2020, global E-Commerce sales exceeded £3.4 trillion and shows no sign of slowing down. It is estimated that in 2023 E-Commerce sales are expected to represent 20.8% of all retail purchases. We have been helping grow E-Commerce clients, by creating powerful campaigns and optimising their presence online. If you want to learn how we can help then get in touch today.

Why Use A E-Commerce Marketing Agency

If you own an E-Commerce business and are looking to take it to the next step – an E-Commerce Marketing Agency can be that stepping stone for your business. With our data driven approach combined with industry leading technology has ensured that we are personally able to understand and grow E-Commerce clients in a range of industries. We utilise a broad approach that allows us to fully understand the market and competitors and then refine it down to tailor it directly to the client we are working with. Our main objective is to increase your business’ profit margins, help educate your audience and ensure you pick up any and all conversions.

Understanding Your Data

E-commerce isn’t a simple path to success. You’ll experience big sales days, but these can be followed by long stretches of no sales. Understanding the many different business metrics can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for.

Our approach is based on data. It helps you understand and improve during slow business periods, and recognises what you might be overlooking. We don’t only care about when your business is doing well or underperforming – but we also look to understand the why.

Our eCommerce marketing strategies are designed to maximise every investment. We create cohesive campaigns across all channels, ensuring that the customers you attract not only convert but also bring substantial value to your business.

The Tools We Use

Paid Social

Reach an audience who may not know who you are and convert them into loyal customers through utilising paid ad campaigns across a multitude of different platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Google Shopping

Create a powerful Google Shopping campaign that ‘magically’ appears straight away when anyone searches for your product or industry – guaranteed to get quick conversions and pick up all the traffic for people further down the funnel.

Technical SEO

Improve your online presence by ensuring search engines understand everything they need to know about your website. By building a high authority site you are guaranteed to see organic traffic flood your site for years to come.

Paid Search

By understanding the relevant search keywords and competitively bidding to show your site you are generating high value leads and dominating your industry with our effective, data-driven Paid Ad campaigns.

Email Marketing

Everyone gets distracted and there are thousands of reasons that someone didn’t convert. By creating a powerful email marketing ecosystem you are able to pick up customers across the sales journey and help drive them into revenue for your business

Elevate your e-commerce business with Vendo Digital’s tailored marketing solutions. Our expertise in digital strategies ensures increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and sustained growth. Join us to transform your online presence and achieve unparalleled success in the competitive digital marketplace.

Powering Your E-Commerce Business

The D2C and retail E-Commerce field is extremely competitive, especially in the UK, which ranks as the world’s fourth-largest eCommerce market, valued at £118 billion. To stand out and continually attract new customers among a sea of competitors using repetitive strategies, you need a unique agency partner.

Vendo focuses on driving E-Commerce brands to profitability through creative and lateral thinking, backed by our proven performance marketing methods. Our consultants don’t stick to just one channel; instead, we adopt a flexible, test-and-learn approach, always targeting the most accessible opportunities in your market.

Many eCommerce agencies in London might emphasise vanity metrics, which aren’t necessarily crucial for your business. Instead, we concentrate on meaningful metrics like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Average Order Value, Conversion Rate, and detailed demographic and segment data. We prioritise data that genuinely impacts your business, using it to drive our proactive approach and uncover new opportunities. This allows you to concentrate on managing your business. Our experienced team looks beyond superficial figures, delving deep to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of your campaign.

Why Use Vendo Digital as your E-Commerce Marketing Agency?

We have built up a vast array of knowledge that has enabled us to reliably build up E-Commerce brands from a range of different industries. With our extensive skills that range from Paid Social Ads all the way to designing stunning Shopify stores – we make sure to utilise our entire team where available to ensure success in all of our clients. Being a results driven agency we also pride ourselves on our ability to read and understand data and use it as the base plate for our strategies moving forward. 

Our bread and butter is working with startups or SMEs and helping them scale their business up. We know that your needs are distinct from those of large E-Commerce companies. At Vendo Digital, our mission is to amplify your online presence and drive real success. We’ve propelled sales for diverse brands. Our achievements stem from spotting unique opportunities, not merely following trends. Our team consists of individuals who are not only passionate about performance but also dedicated to the growth of small businesses.

Our E-Commerce Marketing Process

E-Commerce Planning

Before we make any strategies – we first have to understand who you are as a client. Our professional E-Commerce Marketing team will immerse themselves in your brand, industry and your business goals. For us to get you from point A to point B, we need to understand where you currently are. So our aim in this stage is to try and understand as much as we can about what makes you, YOU. From getting the full information into your USPs, conducting comprehensive competitor analysis to more in depth metrics such as new customer acquisition costs and your customer retention – we make sure we are in the best position to scale your company to the moon.

Full E-Commerce Audit

Now that we know what makes your company tick – it’s time to fully understand where you are now. Our technical team will analyse every detail we can to ensure we build a growth plan that is tailored and optimised to your situation. From understanding your Google presence, your technical SEO, customer behaviour on your site and historical campaign performance we learn what will work for you and put our undivided attention on that.

We Use Every Tool

As a results driven agency that has a huge variety of skills and knowledge, we know the best campaigns don’t just stay on one platform. We can help advise which platforms are most likely to see the best results for your profile and use powerful case studies to walk you through what your growth will look like. From increasing your SEO presence, to running a powerful Google Ads campaign – we know you need to utilise a multi-prong attack to get the best conversions and growth. Our developer team can also help spruce up your E-Commerce landing pages to ensure that the traffic being driven to your page leads to more conversions.

Powered By Data

In an ever changing world we know that you either need to keep up with trends and behaviours – or be left behind. That’s why we are never fully finished with any campaign we run. We understand there is always going to be further optimisations we can make to ensure we pick up every conversion that we can. From running extensive split testing, to analysing user behaviour on Google Analytics – we ensure that our decisions we make are backed by data. We will also analyse up-coming trends to make sure that we are creating the best content that is proactive rather than reactive.


You can build the best E-Commerce campaign, have a powerful online presence with a beautiful website that drives conversions and educates your audience – but if you aren’t making the returns back, you are unable to grow or even sustain your business. At the end of the day we are dedicated to making sure that you have the best return on ad spend (ROAS) possible. Only then will your business be in a position where you are able to scale up your spending and grow your business to the moon!

Continuous Improvement

Imagine increasing your site performance by 1% each day. Sounds like not much right? Well – you do this consistently for one year and your performance has gone up 3,778%! This shows the effect that little consistent changes have on your business. No one understands the compound effect like we do. By ensuring we are improving your E-Commerce business and increasing your presence by just 1% every day – we help grow your business to the moon!

You Succeed,
We Succeed.

We view ourselves as an extension of your team – and ensure that we put your needs first and constantly try to find new and exciting opportunities that will benefit your business and therefore us. This is why we allocate a dedicated account manager who will be there to provide you support and guidance who understands your goal and vision.

Elevate your e-commerce business with Vendo Digital’s tailored marketing solutions. Our expertise in digital strategies ensures increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and sustained growth. Join us to transform your online presence and achieve unparalleled success in the competitive digital marketplace.

Real Success Stories with Vendo Digital

Explore genuine Google reviews to see how Vendo Digital’s innovative e-commerce marketing strategies have transformed businesses and fuelled growth in the digital realm.

E-Commerce Marketing FAQ's

Our agency specialises in a range of E-Commerce marketing services including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization.
We measure success using key performance indicators (KPIs) like website traffic, conversion rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), customer acquisition cost (CAC), and overall sales growth.
Absolutely! Our team conducts website audits to identify areas for improvement and implements strategies like A/B testing, user experience (UX) optimization, and persuasive copywriting to enhance conversion rates.
Our agency has worked with a wide range of industries in the E-Commerce space. Please contact us with details about your industry, and we’ll share relevant case studies or experiences related to your field.
Our agency stands out due to our data-driven approach, creative problem-solving, and our focus on achieving measurable results. We also pride ourselves on maintaining open communication and tailored strategies for each client.
Results can vary based on the type of campaign and your specific goals. Some strategies, like PPC advertising, can yield quicker results, whereas others, like SEO, may take several months. We set realistic timelines and keep you informed throughout the process.
Yes, we manage advertising across platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and more, ensuring a cohesive and effective marketing strategy across all channels.
Yes, we offer comprehensive content creation services, including blog posts, product descriptions all tailored to resonate with your target audience and enhance your brand presence.
Our pricing varies based on the services required and the scope of the project. We offer customised quotes after understanding your specific needs and marketing objectives. Please contact us for a detailed consultation and pricing information.