Email Marketing is one of the most powerful tools a company can utilise to help build a relationship through highly targeted communications. It is the only tool where the company is truly in charge of the creative direction they take and unaffected by any outside algorithm that is trying to work out the best strategy to show your message to the right people. It isn’t just sending a newsletter and hoping that it gets read. You need to know how to capture attention, cause intrigue and improve the click rate when that email does hit the inbox.

Through our team at Vendo we have built up a strong email marketing division that can create optimised email campaigns and automated flows that will encourage engagement and drive conversions. We are always undertaking training and courses that continue to give us a new perspective of this powerful tool that is Email Marketing. Helping us ensure that we are learning new and improved ways of driving success to our clients, one email at a time.

How We Create The Perfect Email


We ensure that every email we create – whether it is a campaign or part of a workflow – helps build a relationship between the customer and our client. Whether it is creating an email that unexpectedly makes them laugh, or an educated newsletter that helps teach their customers, we ensure that every email nurtures the perfect relationship.


When creating an email campaign – it is so important that it not only has important and relevant information that genuinely interests the reader. But it catches your eye too. We ensure that every email that we send out, no matter how small, is pleasing on the eyes and invites the reader to keep scrolling through.

Powered by Data

It is important to best understand your target audience and what works for them. We will always play around with testing to precisely analyse user behaviour and interactions. This way we know the best content, best subject header and even the best time for us to reach out to make sure we get the best conversions possible.


We present all of our metrics back to the client so they have a clear understanding of how their marketing objectives are coming around. Our team will make sure to measure key metrics that will give an understanding to the performance of our email marketing – and from that, improve what we can.

Device Optimised

A majority of email activity comes from mobile phones – with around 70% of customers deleting any email that won’t display correctly on their phones. This is the main reason that for all of our campaigns and emails we will ensure that our emails are optimised – no matter what screen they are viewing it on.

Messages at Every Stage

The key to successful email marketing is understanding your audience’s needs. Sometimes even before they do… We help create sequences that will give tailored emails that will speak to your customer at every stage of their journey.

Fuss Free

Once we have an understanding of the appearance our client wants to project and their objectives – we handle everything on our side. From content creation, to bespoke campaigns and events to drive engagement, to the perfect bespoke flows that pick up conversions wherever possible. We handle it all!
We don’t like to view ourselves as a separate entity from our clients. We truly believe the best way to understand the best email to send – is to first understand you! Your success is our success. We will endeavour to make sure that your needs are put first and that we are constantly playing the field to spot opportunities that you may not have even thought about. That way, we are achieving the best combination of a deep care and interest of our clients and our technical know-how that drives results.

Why Do You Need Email Marketing Services

A lot of marketing can be seen as badgering the customer – being shown endless ads on Google, display ads being forced on the side of articles they are trying to read and not to mention aggressive retargeting following you around! Email Marketing takes a different approach – as inbound marketing, the customer is taking the first step to initiate engagement and consent to receive marketing material from you. Rather than focusing on driving that initial conversion. Email Marketing provides the ultimate opportunity to really build a connection with the customer.

If a company offers good customer service and has a process of nurturing the relationship after the initial conversion then 89% of customers will be likely to make another purchase. 78% still continue to do business with the company even if they make a mistake. With real time personalised messages, that are able to be sent at specific moments of a customer journey, there is no better way to encourage loyalty and appreciation for their business.

Enhance your business outreach with our cutting-edge Email Marketing tool. Engage audiences, nurture leads, and drive conversions with personalised, impactful email campaigns. Tailored analytics empower your strategy. Start revolutionising your email marketing journey today!

Email Marketing FAQ's

Email marketing involves the promotion of products and services to both current and potential customers through the use of email communication. It is a strategy that spans across all industries, offering a straightforward and frequently budget-friendly method for maintaining efficient and consistent communication.
Email marketing enables you to nurture and expand your customer base by sending relevant information, whether it pertains to your products and services or content that enriches and reinforces your brand identity.
With the massive surge in Social Media and other applications, it does often feel that the humble Email that was once king… is dead. The better way to phrase this question is “Is it worth me investing in Email Marketing?” or “Will I even see any benefits by utilising Emails”. This is an easier question to answer. YES. Around 70% of consumers prefer brand communication by email – and the ROI from email marketing can be lucrative. With some companies seeing a 30:1 return on their investment. Your company may be dead if you choose not to add email marketing really…
By setting up a well thought Email Marketing strategy that helps nurture the customer journey and build a relationship helps you to develop your audience that knows and trust your brand. It is an effective and cheap way to distribute any news and information around your brand.
Our reporting framework is entirely tailored to accommodate the specific requirements of our partners. We concentrate on Email Marketing metrics that directly correspond to their articulated goals and objectives.
A hard bounce is when an email cannot be delivered to an email address permanently. This will happen when the emailing process in your email marketing software returns an error. This may be due to a number of reasons for example – if the original email was typed in incorrectly or if the user no longer has that email active.
A soft bounce is when an email cannot be delivered to an email address for a temporary reason. This can be due a whole range of reasons, this may be because of an issue with the attachments that you have tried to send, any network/server issues or simply because the user is unable to accept any more emails due to a full inbox.