Facebook is as relevant as ever – with 2.74 billion monthly users it is still one of the main tools that companies use to drive traffic to their sites and help improve sales. Since its inception in 2004, it has become the benchmark of social media platforms and the primary service that brands used to advertise and communicate with their target audience in a multitude of ways.

Facebook? It’s a goldmine for ads. Your business can tap into a vast audience. 

Our team? Experts. They make your brand pop on Facebook, connecting with the platform’s massive user base.

Whether you are a small start-up looking to identify your audience or a huge world wide business – Facebook is a platform that you just can’t afford not to seriously consider.

Why Do You Need Facebook Ads

Brand Awareness

Get your business in-front of the right eyes at the right time. Whether you are prospecting new customers or need to give your audience important information about new exciting news.

Similar Audience Targeting

Create lookalike audiences on Facebook ads to prospect new customers who are more likely to convert based on the data of your current customers.


Facebook Ads allows you to retarget past customers or people who have viewed your ad to help keep your brand on their mind and drive conversions.
Utilise the Facebook Pixel to help Facebook get a better understanding on what takes place on your store – this will directly help your ads be more targeted and drive you more sales.

Why is Facebook Pixel Important For Your Business?

Facebook Pixel is an invaluable tracking tool that gives important knowledge and analytics that help Facebook and yourself get a better understanding of your audience and the products that they love. Once installed the pixel will assist us by monitoring visitors to your site and then using their activity to help track conversions from Facebook Ads to your business.

The pixel data indicates that visitors are intrigued by what you offer – after all, they came to your site initially, didn’t they? However, the truly clever part is our ability to showcase your products to those who didn’t commit to a purchase or converting on their first visit. Yet, the crucial aspect is our chance to re-engage with them, emphasising that you continue to provide something valuable. It is actually quite rare in the marketing space that an audience sees one ad and then immediately converts – instead it is a long process with multiple touch points reminding the customer you are still there.

Why Use Vendo Digital For Your Facebook Ads?

We are proud to be an agency that has proven time and time again that we can help our clients scale their growth using Facebook Ads. Creating engaging content that genuinely grabs the users attention, hooks them and leads to conversions and new customers. Our team of specialists are here optimising your campaigns, running constant testing and changes to make sure that your campaign gets the results that you need.

We are at the cutting edge of targeting innovations and have built up an expansive knowledge which allows us to create compelling creatives and ad copy that is proven to convert. The perfect combination to drive your company’s sales and help scale you to the moon!

Tap into Vendo Digital’s expertise for precision-targeted Facebook Ads. Make every click count. Start your journey to digital dominance!

Facebook Ads Covered

First things first. We need to know who you are! After learning your mission statement, vision and goals we come up with a strategy that is tailored to what you need from your Facebook Ads. We are the experts of marketing but you are the experts of what makes you, YOU.

Proactive Agency

After learning what makes you tick, we create compelling in-house content and a bespoke strategy informed by your vision for your brand. We are constantly learning and making sure that our next campaign is better than our last one.

Dedicated Team

Within the service you will have an account manager overseeing the whole process and ensuring that your dream campaign is brought to life. Our experienced copywriters and creative team bring powerful ads that grab your audience’s attention.

Powerful Creatives

Our creative team will create jaw-dropping creatives that are guaranteed to stop scrolls and bring your brand to life. Making sure it is not only beautifully made but optimised to bring in conversions.

Results Driven

We pride ourselves on being an agency dedicated to analytics. We are constantly monitoring all of our campaigns to ensure that they are getting the most conversions possible, with constant optimisation and testing being our main tool in achieving this outcome.

You Win… We Win

We rise by lifting others. We work as an extension of your team and will always be on the lookout for a new strategy that will benefit your business (and therefore us!).

Our Facebook Ads Process

We Need To
Understand You

Our success isn’t solely rooted in our expertise, but also in our capacity to team up with our clients to fully understand who you are. While we’re at the top of our game with Facebook Ads, we aren’t experts of you – not yet anyway! We’re eager to learn what sets you apart and captivates your customers, so we can broadcast that very essence to prospective clients.

Jaw Dropping Creatives

The initial step in capturing customer attention lies in the visual appeal of your campaign. It needs to be compelling enough to make them pause and engage. It’s essential to not just rely on a strong product or compelling words. With a combination of our adept team and comprehensive tools, we dig deep into market insights and competitor strategies. This aids us in crafting visuals that aren’t just proven winners but are also fine-tuned to resonate with your brand.

Hook Them In

Our team of expert copywriters have a knack for crafting narratives that entice and persuade. Through a deep dive into your business landscape, we have already highlighted the challenges you address, the unmatched features you offer, and pinpoint why you’re the solution potential customers have been searching for, whether they realised it or not. Now, we use it!
Customer Service

Sealing The Deal

Once we’ve captured their interest, it’s about guiding them home. Utilising impactful language and direct calls-to-action, we usher visitors towards your optimised landing space. We maintain a delicate balance, ensuring we guide without coming off as overly aggressive, optimising potential outcomes.

The Ideal Audience
For You

Our strength? Decoding human behaviour. We recognise the importance of reaching the right audience throughout your campaign’s journey. By adopting an audience-centric approach to Facebook Ads, we ensure your resources are channelised towards bespoke audiences, avoiding the pitfalls of casting too wide a net. This refined strategy heightens the likelihood of your campaigns transitioning smoothly through the conversion pipeline, delivering tangible outcomes.

Everything Analytics

Being results-obsessed, we thrive on data and insights. Through relentless monitoring, iterative testing, and timely tweaks, we strive to elevate the performance of every Facebook Ads initiative to its pinnacle. Our adept specialists keep your campaigns under a magnifying glass, offering real-time insights and ensuring you’re always in sync with your campaign’s trajectory.

All About That ROAS

The test of a Facebook Ads campaign is how much money it generates. Period. Regardless of how captivating the visuals are or how resonant the content feels, if it doesn’t translate to a powerful return on ad spend (ROAS), it misses the mark. Our primary objective always remains – maximising your ROAS, ensuring every penny is well-invested.
Tap into Vendo Digital’s expertise for precision-targeted Facebook Ads. Make every click count. Start your journey to digital dominance!

Are Facebook Ads Worth It for Small Business?

Discover how Vendo Digital has propelled businesses to new heights. Read our clients’ testimonials and see the real-world impact of our tailored Facebook ad campaigns. Their success is our story.
Based on 30 reviews
padawan outpost
padawan outpost
Vendo digital have been absolutely incredible. The team have a wealth of experience in so many different areas, and have helped our business grow so much since they have been involved. They don't just feel like your run of the mill marketing agency, they feel like they are part of your team, who have given us the confidence to build in areas we would never have thought.
Pablo Lobato
Pablo Lobato
I am very happy with the work that Vendo Digital is doing to promote my bussines in google. Since I use them we have been growing, highly recommend Alfie and Max
mitch jenkins
mitch jenkins
Great service throughout with Max, Alfie and the team. They have made three websites for me and I’m really impressed with how they have come out can’t recccomened these guys enough!
Ray Howlett
Ray Howlett
I was very sceptical about working with another company, having worked with several digital marketing agencies for many years that provided below-average service. So I just neglected the website. One of my clients mentioned that they were very busy with work and that they definitely attributed it to their new Digital Marketing company. That pricked my interest because I trusted my client, and if they were getting an excellent result, maybe that could also happen to me. What do I have to lose? I contacted Max, and we met at his office, and he took me through what they could do for my company. I left the meeting feeling, yes, I think this is the company. I have been working with Max and the team for over four months, and it's made a big difference to leads. The enquiries keep coming in at a level I've never seen before. They also took care of all the errors on the website, and it now runs as it should. I could go on and on. Max and Alfie know what they are doing, and if you are looking for a Digital Marketing Company and you're local (although I guess they can work from anywhere in the country), give Max a call. You will not be disappointed. Remember, SEO takes time to embed, but you will start seeing the results. Just trust the process.
Jessica Cavaree
Jessica Cavaree
Absolutely outstanding guidance by Max. He reviewed and set pointers where we can improve on. I won’t hesitate to use max again in the future.
Beth Hall
Beth Hall
Really impressed with the service Vendo have provided. They have helped take my business to the next level with the advertising and website management. Would highly recommend.
John Rose Eye Care
John Rose Eye Care
I am very impressed with the service received from the team at Vendo - fantastic attention to detail, always meet deadlines and keep their word . They are experts at running Google campaigns and have consistently achieved a good ROI and driven more clients to the practice. I would highly recommend this team.
Justis McEvilly
Justis McEvilly
Vendo have done a great job of bringing fresh energy and ideas into my ppc campaigns. They took what we had been running for over 5 years and reinvigorated it. I’d definitely recommend them. 5 stars. Thank you.
harry rich
harry rich
Would highly recommend Max. From the first meeting he quickly identified what I was looking for and together we were able to create a bespoke website for Window Genies which wouldn’t have been possible without his knowledge, professionalism, innovative ideas and care to attention and detail. Amazing service.
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess
Fantastic company to deal with, they provide excellent service and are very open and honest about all aspects of their service. I couldn't give them a higher recommendation.

Facebook Ads FAQ's

Facebook ads showcase your brand. They leave a mark. They promote passively and help generate active engagement. Facebook is the perfect platform for your business to reach highly targeted audiences online.

Facebook boasts approximately 2.91 billion users every month. So, why not advertise right there? You can place ads in news feeds, stories, and even on Instagram. The options are diverse and strategic.It’s often the subtle nuances that determine the success of Facebook ads. Our Paid Social team is adept at identifying these nuances, seizing opportunities that others might overlook.

You’re in control of your budget. If you decide to spend £5 a day, that’s your ceiling. However, various factors can influence the reach and impact of your budget, such as your target location and industry specifics.
Facebook ads are designed to be persuasive. They’re tailored to reach your ideal audience based on specific criteria. You can target users by location, demographics, and profile details, ensuring you get the best value for your spend.
Facebook ads are highly targeted – not random. When creating a Facebook Ad Campaign you are able to define the precise ‘ideal’ customer that you are looking for. This is based on a number of demographics such as age, location, interests, behaviours, significant life events and even specific pages or groups that the user has engaged in. Facebook’s sophisticated ad platform allows you to reach the right people with the right message, ensuring your ads are anything but random

We excel in Facebook advertising. Our mission? To design exceptional ad campaigns that yield significant returns. We harness our extensive knowledge and expertise to cater to diverse marketing objectives.

Whether you aim to enhance brand visibility, accelerate sales, or present your service to a broader audience, consider us your dedicated digital partner

Our approach starts with crafting a detailed customer persona using solid data. A well-constructed buyer persona is the key to customising your Facebook ads. We then delve into data insights to further refine and optimise your campaigns.

We cover a whole range of advertising options that go hand in hand with Facebook Ads. Whether you are looking to get powerful Google Ads or compelling email marketing that drives conversions, we are the people for you!

If you’re seeking a comprehensive marketing approach, we’re here to help. We’ll assess your current digital strategy and recommend services that align with your business goals. Want to discuss more? Let’s connect!