Top 7 App Development Tips

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With the increased usage of mobile apps, it’s now vital to develop an app for your business or startup. According to Buildfire, there were more than 204 billion app downloads in 2020, a 6% increase from the previous year. And expected revenue of mobile apps is $935 billion by 2023.

Looking at the mobile app development market’s growth, many startups have shifted to mobile app development to boost their businesses across the globe. But, you can’t expect intriguing results by just developing an app. There are mobile app development tips that can help you succeed in the mobile app development market. Let’s discuss some of them.

  1. Research About Users Likes and Dislikes

You may not get any users if the app you have developed does not fascinate them. Usually, people attract to apps that can save their money or make any money.  So, people tend to use monetary apps than other types of apps.

Likewise, there are likes and dislikes of mobile app users. High-end device users like high-end games, while middle-range phone users have different needs. The likes and dislikes of users changes with age, geography, gender, etc. You have to research your specific niche before developing an app to succeed in this industry.

  • Make Simple Apps for Easier Access

Nowadays, smartphones are accessible for every age range. From a toddler to an elder, everyone is used to use a smartphone for different reasons. And all of them expect simplicity when it comes to the accessibility of smartphone.

To target a wider audience, you have to keep your app simple. Focus on one primary solution and build an app for that specific reason. That way, you can keep your app simple, and of course, UI design also helps keep it simple.

  • Keep limited ads and Banners

Overusing ads and banners can make your app user bored and disturbed. Although adding ads and banners is vital to make revenue out of your app, there should be limits in placing them. Otherwise, your app user may uninstall your app and will search for another one. And fortunately for him, there are many other apps available unless it’s a rare niche.

  • Customized Design

As you know, there are two major mobile operating systems worldwide; Android and iOS. Users of both platforms have different ways of access. So, it is vital to design your app to comply with both operating systems. Instead, you can just make custom mobile apps for each operating system.

  • ASO and SEO Friendliness

To gain potential app users, publishing your app in the app store isn’t enough. You have to make your app ASO (application optimization) and SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. This way, you can receive more free visitors that can convert into customers easily.

  • Make your app available offline

Making at least a part of an app available offline can keep your users longer even when the internet connection is unavailable. This method is now becoming a trend in even streaming apps as it enhances the user experience in your app.

  • One app for one service

Create your app specifically for one reason. If you provide multiple services in one app, users will get confused and may get bored of your app. For example, if you make an app that let the user convert currencies, turn on the torch, use the calculator and so on, this type of apps never succeeds. Instead, you can make a financial app that tracks users’ income and expenditure and implement a system to convert the currency automatically.


We live in an age that no business can ignore providing mobile apps as mobile users are overpowering desktop users. Using these app development tips, you can get more users for your app and generate more income.