Importance Of Unique Content Writing

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In the modern world, consumers tend to hang out with the digital world moving from conventional advertising such as newspapers and media channels. This change of pattern makes the content written online more and more valuable.

Search engines give more merits to sites with valuable, unique content, hence sending them more traffic than contentless websites. And if you write engaging content, then the chances of winning customers are high.

Why is unique content important?

When you have a website and just publish duplicate articles written somewhere else, Google will see your site as a spam site or duplicate of the original site the article was published. Because of that reason, Google will not send you any search engine traffic. Even though you receive traffic by other means such as social sharing and advertising, the chances are that the visitor has already read the article from the original source and leave your site with a bad impression.

You don’t want anything like that to happen. Right?

When you write unique content to publish on your site, Google always sees you as a useful website and tend to send more search engine traffic. You can earn a good reputation all over social media and receive more free social traffic in addition to your marketing efforts. The best thing is that you will earn natural backlinks from trusted sources to increase your site’s ranking. All of these benefits receive from just publishing engaging, unique content on your site.

A site without any traffic is useless, but a website that receives free traffic from various sources is a gold mine for businesses. That’s why unique content is important for a website.

How to Structure Your Content Strategy?

Writing unique content is not enough if you want people to see it. You have to structure the content by researching, integrating researched data and publish them in order. This structuring content may seem like an easy task but let me explain further.

When you decide on a topic to write about, you must research deeply about that topic to get your content ideas. For this, you can read online articles, books and newspapers. Even social sites may contain essential factors about your topic.

The second part is the most difficult; Researching keywords that already have traffic volume. You have to master keyword research if you decide to use free tools for keyword research. You can find suitable keywords from tools like Google Keyword Planner, Answer the Public and Bulk keyword generator. Paid tools like Ahref and Moz shows you insightful keyword data all in one place. So, using those tools can save your time in keyword research. However, the price tag of those services is always high.

The next part is writing unique, engaging and notable content. You need to make sure that you include the keywords you researched in the content and make it attractive. It’s better if you add any citations and links to any valuable resources as readers love reading resourceful articles.

Then comes the SEO part. The content must have an eye-catching title to grab the attention of potential readers, have a relevant image with keywords in image alt tags, and appropriate videos if possible. Adding keyword-rich header tags, grammar free and plagiarism free content, and a human readable slug is also essential. When you make sure all SEO parts of the content gets the green mark, you are halfway done with your content marketing.

To get your content into the public, you have to share your content everywhere, including influencers, social sites, news sites, press releases, etc. When you share your content on the internet, the traffic starts to flow in. If your content is excellent, now you have the chance to close a deal with your potential customer.


As you see, unique content writing is important to get more visitors to your site and turn them into customers. The writing process of unique content that attracts traffic is not easy. There is lots of work involved in engaging unique content. So, if you are unsure about writing content by yourself, it’s always better to hire a content marketing specialist. Good Luck!