Benefits of UI/UX design

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Many businesses skip the UI/UX design part of their web app or mobile app because of the extra cost. Taking advantage of UI/UX design is vital in web/ mobile app development because it decides your app/website’s user experience level. The benefits of UI/UX design can positively impact your site by providing a fast loading, easy-to-use interface.

According to Hobo Web, 53% of mobile users abandon web pages if they take longer than 3 seconds to load. 67% of UK consumers stop buying a product because of slow loading times.

As you see the internet users are becoming more and more impatient that they don’t want to spend even 3 seconds until the site loads. And what if the site has a poor interface? The frustration of your web/mobile app users can lose your potential customers, hence sales.

That is why you should optimize the user interface to create an easy-to-navigate and intuitive user experience. A well-developed UI/UX design can significantly improve your customers’ satisfaction when interacting with your platform, leading to high conversion rates and repeating revenues.

Here are five benefits of UI/UX Design.

  1. Increase Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is simply getting new customers. Many businesses spend money on marketing and advertising to get new customers. There are several strategies that can use to increase customer acquisition. Improving the user experience (UX) by designing an initiative user interface (UI) is one of them.

People tend to trust a business if the business provides a more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive solution. When building your customers’ trust, they will want to continue using your solution and even recommend your company to potential customers, thus, more sales.

  • Increase Customer Retention

Customer retention means the continued use of your solution (web app/mobile app) of existing customers. By applying customer retention strategies, the businesses can build strong relationships with their customers to maximize revenue from them.

When you provide a business application that is beautiful and intuitive, visitors will want to see it and use it. Most importantly, they will want to keep using it.

  • Optimize Development time and cost

When you hire a UI/UX designer in your development process, he will address most of the usability issues you’d have encountered during and after developing your solution. They can anticipate the users’ needs before going to production and can help you design both flexible and scalable designs for your application. UI/UX design can adapt to a user-focused approach that will save your time and money.

  • Get More Insights from A/B Testing

A/B testing simply tests the user engagement level of particular user interfaces.  These engagement metrics are more valuable as they can provide data on what your customers find helpful and what makes them buy. Through A/B testing, you will offer different optimized environments for your users to try. By gathering their engagement level insights, you can decide which version makes the best user experience, thus more sales.

  • More User Engagement

All the strategies you follow for customer acquisition and retention fail if they don’t engage with the site/app. UI/UX designers prioritize user engagement while designing the interface and inform their design and style choices. When a potential customer visits a company website, the site has 3 seconds to convince the user that they have visited the right place. If that’s successful, they only have 30 seconds to turn that visitor into a customer.

The design approach of guiding the visitor throughout this buying process can help a lot with “hooking” them. UI/UX designers are well aware of this approach, and they design all pages with this intention in mind.