The importance of having a mobile friendly website

It is safe to say that as the digital era is drastically expanding, the need for websites to be accessed on mobiles has increased. Mobile is the most popular way in which consumers choose to go online, meaning there is a massive demand for good quality websites that can be easily accessed via a handset. Its crucial for businesses and marketers to understand the importance of this as the number of smart phone users is set to rise 2.5 billion in 2019. It is key to know how to optimise your website to encourage more mobile consumers, so, how do you do it?

Is it the right time to take your website into the mobile world?

In many locations around the world, it has become more popular for traffic to be accessed via a mobile rather than a desktop. It is crucial for all brands to enable their website to be mobile user friendly as countries such as India, the mobile traffic volume is at least four times larger than laptop traffic.

Websites are expected to be fast when being viewed on a mobile

The longer it takes the page to load, the easier it is to lose the customer. According to Google, as soon as the page goes from one second to three seconds to load, the probability of losing a customer increase by a third.

24/7 access to mobile phones has become crucial

For most people, their phone is constantly within reach day and night. The demand for being able to access any website or brand at any time whenever needed is at a all time high. Therefore, websites must always be able to interact and work perfectly with the consumer.

Mobiles are the best way for customers to research

Regardless of the industry you are in, we use mobile browsing for everything, even when it comes to in store shopping. Its been stated that 82% of customers research products in store via a smart phone.

How to make your website user friendly

Overcome problems with performance

If your website takes over five seconds to load, it is 90% more likely for the customer leave. Trial the website yourself on your own mobile to see if there are any problems, such as poor content, links not working efficiently or pages loading slowly. There are many ways in which you can resolve these issues, for example using caching and compressing images will encourage the page to load faster. The most important thing to ensure is that your website will fit perfectly and adapt to the screen size of the mobile.

Google tools

There are ways in which you can analyse your website to see how mobile friendly it is. The mobile friendly test tool can show any issues or highlight potential problems.

Reliable hosting is the key aspect

There are many hosting sites nowadays and finding one that is suited for your website is crucial. This must be a good platform that will help your business be fast and full of resources. Unless you have a great hosting platform, you will not be able to ensure that your website works for mobile users and ultimately this will affect your return on investment.

Think about your pop-ups

Pop-ups may become obstructive and interrupt the user whilst on your website so you must make sure they are easy to exit and not in the way. Pop ups are a great way to draw attention to important messages if they are unobtrusive.

If your website is not optimised for mobile users, you are cutting yourself off from a massive market. Making your website mobile friendly can boost business by bringing in more customers.

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