Email Marketing

Vendo Digital will advise with your email marketing, helping you with your strategy, tips, and campaigns.

In the current day, we all receive thousands of emails – most of which might be spam and potentially we ignore. But building a mailing list and utilising it has never been more lucrative for business’ like yours.

Email marketing provides an easy method to really connect with your audience on a regular basis and increase sales. It’s a fantastic way to keep your audience updated on your latest products, services or offers.

Its time to get creative, Vendo Digital can help optimise your email marketing campaign helping devise a plan to increase sales, share news or tell stories. Increase your Brand market share and ultimately helping you achieve the revenue you aim for.

It is vital to consider that email marketing is another click funnel that you can send your customers through – these will be some of the best customers, consumers signed up to your mail list and consumers who have previously purchased from you. We will plan a strategy to get those access to those consumers spends repeatedly.

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Email marketing