Are you a business owner or marketer who has heard about Google AdWords but are still not convinced? Well, say no more. We have 10 reasons as to why Google AdWords will work wonders for your business. Notably, Google’s enormously successful PPC (pay-per-click) can work for just about any business!

  1. Google AdWords is highly scalable: We know exactly how hard it is to scale your business and finding lead sources that scale. But Google AdWords is highly scalable with some businesses already spending millions of pounds on Google Advertising. If your campaign is profiting and converting, there is no reason to cap your spend on the campaign. As your leads and profits increase, so can your PPC budget accordingly.
  2. Google AdWords is measurable: Google Ads and PPC is highly measurable compared to other traditional marketing channels like magazine/print and TV advertising. This is because we cannot know for sure how many eyes have landed on a specific ad and how many conversions there have been. However, Google Ads is transparent, we are able to see tons of PPC metrics to help track your audience. SEO is harder to track as you cannot always be sure what actions lead to increased or decreased rankings.
  3. Google AdWords is flexible: It is very easy to adjust and personalize your campaigns to suit your businesses needs. You are able to hyper-target the audience you most want to reach. You can do this with specific keyword match types, ad extensions, by narrowing your audience (location, time of day etc.)
  4. Google AdWords is quicker that SEO: For new businesses and websites, it can be months before SEO increases your reach. This is due to the huge amount of competition on the web and it takes time to ‘prove’ yourself. Google AdWords on the other hand is great because you do not have to wait around to see results. As well as SEO, set to work and put your resources into Google Ads and start getting impressions and clicks immediately. Not only is it speedy, you can often get started on a very small budget and up it accordingly.
  5. Google AdWords is easier than SEO: To elaborate, after a PPC campaign is up and running, it takes very little effort to maintain unlike SEO which needs to be constantly embedded throughout your work and kept up to date. Arguably, SEO is rewarding and creative when it eventually works, but why not guarantee to reach a large audience with AdWords. Google Ads can also be easier to learn, due to the fact that there is less contradictory information out there.
  6. Google AdWords has taken over SERPs: Google Ad’s is Google’s baby. So no wonder it accounts for 97% of their revenues.  Over time, SERP has evolved and is giving more and more above the fold real estate to ads rather than organically. But if you use AdWords do not worry as this is a way to get your message high up on SERP in a highly clickable way.
  7. Google AdWords Formats are more engaging: Google knows that nicer, prettier, shiner ads get the most clicks. Therefore adapting their formats over the past couple of years. This ultimately means more revenue for Google, no wonder they have done this!
  8. Google AdWords traffic converts better than organic traffic: Paid search traffic is more qualified and targeted due to the specific targeting options which has increased conversion rates to double in comparison to organic traffic conversions. Also, the queries that result in Ad search are likely to be more commercial in nature than informational.
  9. Google AdWords works well with your other marketing channels: Google Ads complements your other marketing efforts. Another powerful way to use ads is Remarketing. This is a way to target audiences that have already shown an interest in your business. With Google Ads Remarketing you can track past visitors through a cookie. Your display ads follow them around on the internet so your brand stays on the top of their mind.
  10. Your competitors are using Google AdWords: Finally, we all know one key aspect of how well your business does is how well your competitors are doing. Do a few searches for yourself and see what competitors are doing and how well its working. If you want to be in the game, you should be on Google Adwords.


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